All Injuries that require Medical Attention must be reported to the Teams Head Coach or Governor.  All injuries will be documented and each player will require a Physicians note stating that they are cleared to resume practices before they are able to participate in any on field development.

The Varsity Tigercats believe that the safety of all its  players and volunteers is first and foremost.  Concussions or any type of head injuries are taken very seriously and will be closely monitored and recorded.  All players who suffer a concussion must follow the Return To Play Guidelines set forth by Football Canada before they can resume playing for their team,


The Varsity Tigercats take a proactive approach with respect to limiting the amount of contact during practices.  We incorporate safe contact principles with every coach being safe contact trained.  Including; Indy work, inside run and team periods, a player can expect to be exposed to approximately 18 reps of contact. However, those reps could be less depending if the player is directly involved in contact on that specific play that he is exposed to it.  We also limit the number of practices to Two a week for two hours each, which is far less exposure in comparison to High schools or Universities who practice four days a week. All coaches are cognizant of the affects of prolonged contact drills and we are constantly researching and looking for unique ways to decrease contact periods in or daily practices.