The Varsity Tigercats exist to provide youth with opportunities to participate in the sport of football at rep a level, in a safe and positive environment. The Varsity Tigercats will ensure the most supportive climate possible for Hamilton and surrounding are athletes, so that they can enjoy their sport, and learn about development, competition, teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. As with many Ontario communities, Hamilton's minor football system (HFA) is managed and operated by volunteers. These community-minded citizens contribute in many ways to the success of minor football in Hamilton. It is the Varsity Tigercats responsibility that they, too, have the ability to work in a safe and positive environment. It is critical, then, for the Organization, to do all things necessary to ensure that measures are in place so that incidents of violent or inappropriate behaviour do not occur during practices, games or events.

Statements of Principle:

  1. Participation by children in sport is an important element in the human development process.
  2. To ensure maximum enjoyment and benefits from participation in sport, the maintenance of a safe and positive environment is essential.
  3. The rules of each of the games exist to protect the players. Referees/officials are charged to ensure the fair and even application of the rules, and to ensure safety of the players.
  4. Violent or abusive behaviours, outside of the sport such as; verbal threats and insults, attempts to intimidate as well as physical assault have no place in any Varsity Tigercat Event.
  5. Promotion of spectator "positive cheering" will assist in the reduction of violent behaviours & attitudes.
  6. Our volunteers are charged with the education of our youth on the ideals of sportsmanship, fair play and appropriate behaviour.

 Goals of the Policy:

  1. To reduce or eliminate violence at any Varsity Tigercat practice, game or event.
  2. To promote positive cheering behaviours among spectators and fans.
  3. Increase the level of understanding among spectators and fans of the importance of creating a positive and supportive environment for minor football.

Definition of Violence:

The focus of this Policy is on the behaviour of non-players, except for those situations in which a player engages in a violent act outside the area of play. For the purposes of this Policy violence includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviours:

  •  loud verbal assaults
  • threats and attempts to intimidate
  •  throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner
  •  aggressive approaches to another individual
  •  physical striking of another individual
  •  attempts to goad or incite violence in others
  • vandalism to building or property
  •  racial or ethnic slurs
  •  illegal consumption of alcohol or drugs

The Consequences:

Individuals who engage in any of the above behaviours will be subject to immediate ejection from the property or facility and a possible suspension and/or expulsion from all Varsity Tigercat practices, games or events. Depending on the severity of the situation, subsequent intervention by law enforcements may be necessary.